The room…..

Yes, that is me calling…. yooooo beeee! or Hobbie!!!
A two by two foot room I live in with I don´t even know
how many people come and go in this house, nice play “landlord lady”
specially now with the Corona, very good play.
So I did it!!!!! this fucking small room is now clean, and everything is
in it´s place, and I mean clean, took out the clothes from the drawers,
clean the drawers, put back the cloth neatly and all that shit with each
and every single thing. Looks quite remarcable really, only two hours took me.
Now that we are forced by law to go out with a mask, this was the greatest part
of my very fruitful day.
The room smells amazing too, o shit… I forgot to shower now that I think of it.
But, I did buy my mask as the government told me by law so I will forget to shower.
Is the government now going to introduce a law to shower every day?
Little by little they will.
Over two months of this… People here in this specific house are not taking it,
little “landlord lady” is making a profit, the other guys and gals that come and go
that I lost the count of them, anyways what is the point of me staying inside?
Doing the right thing….. yes, fuck that.

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