Spanish Coupe de tat

Now we have a very different coupe de tat, but let me begin in February 23 1981,
a year before I was born and my mother was pregnant with me.
My father was in the Parliament when the military, or part of the military
attempeted the Coupe de tat. My father as a reporter that is covering all the political things
in the Spanish parliament. Not to get too deep into it, but I was wondering when the military
told the reporters to go out, how in the world did my father got stuck in a bathroom with
other people and not reporters, got stuck while the idiot is pointing a submachine gun at them?
That has to be quite the story. Won´t ask about it, but it should be told. The little details
to an extent that is. But is quite a fascinating story, scary also but I guess scary is fascinating.
At least in my own twisted mind, you don´t back down. On a global scale it is part of Spanish history,
I think it should be told from the insiders.

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