Try to be afraid

Lets leave it at be real or not,
but try to be afraid, try it,
in a physical real sense I´m not, at all,
in the mental real… guess like most normal people
you are afraid specially of the anticipation of what
might happen, and if you are used of certain things…. not good to augment that,
hence put on the other hat, and just be you, the real you,
what you know that you can do with fear… fear was a friend before,
have to retrieve that soul core.
Try be afraid… what did that accomplish apart from making you miserable?
Could I write some crazy poetry instead of some crazy proclamation….. jeeeesus f christ.

Take care and much love, Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. Try a little over 2 months of quarantine……… We´re going nuts over here, the neighbour to my left have gone out of music to play, I think they are lying in bed now. But at least they have a full house for them, I rent a room!!!! Try quarantine in a 10 by 6 foot room, specially now with the hot weather……nuts! Good news…… I think I cleaned this room 5 times a day, so we have become extremely sanitary person, might apply for a job as a cleaner. You need someone to clean your house by the way? I´m cheap labour

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