The title was in pularal,
yet get me in my normal…..
I do believe, in that weird in my case that is,
I did stop at one point in my age to walking and snaking
with mother,
now it seems she is “quite comfortable”, in the sense,
she knows I will die for her yet I did fuck up in life,
but that relationship she seems to be some sort at ease,
What did this trigger of writing come?
Well, her first soccer player she told me… Messi!!
(Not the first but the greatest as she told me)

I still remember as a very young kid, we as a familly happended upon(in a hotel)
these scoccer players, my father couldn´t care less, my mother? Damn!
She actually coached the coached. Hence I have his picture and autograph.
The guy was probably thinking, who does this woman so cute and and nice and knoledglable
about this soccer sport knows how much.

Apart from saying my mother is the queeeeeeenes, come on what else can I say about this womam?
She did also put me “in line” to get into that soccer field. No dummy my mother. Got to love her,
YOU. (me obviously but is not preety, so YOU)


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