Father Hugs….. that was weird

You got to understand that I never had a close relationship with my father,
I´m not crying about it, I don´t have a grudge for him, nothing.
What I do have is being able to say this man is my father, I´m just proud what he became.
At the very least he always, I say again, always has helped me.
But it is just not in his nature the love and hug and expressing himself,
in a pussy way really is how I myself view it, not him.
So I got off the phone today with him talking about my mother and he ends
the short conversation, “see you, hugs”, I don´t know what the fuck to say
so I clicked off. Hugs…. Each family to their own, each person to their own,
I can always give a kiss to mommy, but the father… just weird and I do love him to death.

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