Social revolution (Video)

Social revolution
It´s no elusion
One faction will take advantage of this
I the Grand Priest will proclaim the his

I just like in the video the music and a big ass guy hitting two Antifa
guys with his sun glasses on and his freaking cell phone on the back of his
pants. I never went into a riot with sun glasses and a cell phone. Just found it “funny”.
Point being is the great poem I wrote.


  1. This video was unavailable to me, but I’ve sure seen far too much of Antifa and the people rioting, looting and setting fires so they can get a free TV or cell phone. Now the latest is defacing war memorials, shooting cops (as if that’s new) and pulling truck drivers out of their cabs and their trucks looted.

    1. The video is unavailable to me too now that I notice, I did see the WW2 memorial painted with graffiti, that is truly a disgrace. Also all the looting you mentioned, my point is that normally if not all the left will take advantage of this situation to try to change your country into Venezuela. My country Spain is already gone, but I still have hope that in the U.S. You guys in a majority, since you only can watch videos of the minority hence it gives you the impression the whole country is going down hill towards socialism-communism. Be it all the major networks, they do play quite an important role, and all these nutcases protesters are just a tool for the people in power. It is very organized.
      And what is the guy that had the shop that had been broken into by all those people gonna do now? My guess he is pissed off, how is he going to survive? Him and his family if he has?
      The socialist are very good at taking for example that video of a police man literally killing that black guy ( I even cringed seeing that) then the left-socialist will extrapolate that video to first- police brutality, they are right on that one specific instance, then they will go to all police is racist, then the whole society is racist, and little by little they can change the whole societies view, just starting from that incident(tragic one and glad the police guy is in jail) and make that incident fit their overall narrative which comes to changing the capitalist system into a socialist system . As Hillary even said in nationaL T.V, which was quite amazing she even thought outloud to say ” never let a crisis go to waste”.
      Here in Spain we are done, but I do have hope for the U.S. You guys are not weird in that type of mentality of the government giving you everything, I hope it stays that way with everything going on. But do keep in mind and I know you know, that the left-socialist is using this pandemia to their own personal advantages. You´ll have a rich class that goes around if they agree with the government and then the rest of the population walking around thinking where they can get food. And these idiot protestors will become slaves at the end to the invevitable people in power.
      Only the socialist-left can do this, they are very good at taking advantage of very serious tragedy for their own purpose.
      Again, I think the U. S will be the only country that has more possibility of fighting that already debunked ideology.
      Sorry for the long comment, hope it made some sense since I´m writing a hundred mile per hour.

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