Hospital fight club

Atesting, please
Hospital I am at ease
Mother dying
this piece of shit that now is 4 a.m
just got me pissed with his bullshit,
RULE 1- don´t bullshit a bullshitter…. specially if you´re a male nurse
get your dumb purse
out of here
I did tell him, apart from a slap on the face,
told him that once my mother dies
he will also see the skies
That piece of human ungravity for me un-humanity
got me angry
and hungry
Adrenaline went out, had the security with me saying insecurity
This fuck head IS DONE,
“good news, I wrire it in publc” gooooood…..
real news, I already smaked him, and hold it when my mother dies,
he will see the skies
I have nothing to loose, although all the guy male nurses were on top of me in a second
after my firt hit, and fuck that!!! Love it

(actually this writig thing is kind of my Budda moment)


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