The real war dog

Seeing documentaries about dogs utilize for war,
My conclusion is her and a door,
Tina is her name, yep, like the musician my mother loved, Tina Turner
Hence she got a war dog I call her “Madder the harder”
Freee fall from a plain? Repel from a helicopter? Bite humans? Sniff bombs?
my bro,
she is too cool for that.
she does have a way to maintain her postion in the couch and you better not move her,
if you do you can insult her and we gotta run out of the house without a blouse,
her job is to eat, shit, pee, and sleep in that specific couch, don´t try to move her
from that couch, you´ll heare here saying ” wwwaw…wawwww grrrrrrr”, some weird noises.
Scares the shit out of me those weird dog voices.
So it seems she wouldn´t be able to be a dog of war at the end, but I pretend,
just gotta love that creepy creature, and she will drive you nuts, as suchs,
around her hold your nuts.

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