Cairo, the dog who saw Bin laden dead

Cairo, no ordinary dog

Seal team 6 took out Bin the Laden
Poor bastard didn´t reach heaven
Good, stay in hell for your corpse to smell.
Hope Biiny the Laden is doing good in his hell garden.
Very interesting how they prepare these dogs, and the added value they provide
for their human team mates to survive
video if you want to watch some segments,
a guy from the raid of Bin Laden and handler of the dog that took part on that raid
quite amazing story this one.


    1. They are quite the creatures, what I liked about that interview between two Navy Seals is how the process works to make these dogs do what they do in combat. By the way I have a mean fighting machine Bulldog,and if you tell her to get off the couch….. now I´m in trouble, never tell her to get out of the couch, she is the war dog of couches

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