Alert alert!!!

Go to minute 14 plus 15 seconds. You Americans have to love those guys.
It was funny, myself having served I do know it is not as the media portay us,
some kind of heroes, we are human and the “cliché” It is true in the Spanish army
as well as in the U.S, pretty much universal, we are tough loud mouth(not me now)
motherfuckers. Just another perspective apart from all those videos of heroes,
heroes they are but human the are also.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.
(fogot, these guys are artillery, I was infantry, no point to the point, just the Liutenant
narrating that documentary reminds of… nobody really, different type of job but the guys are the guys)


    1. I was actually hoping you specifically would like it. I know is too long, not just a clip but that´s the beauty of this Youtbe thing, If is a long documentary I´ll watch half and hour or less, my ADD kick in, stop it and watch it later.

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