Rest in Peace Mom

R.I.P mother, in Memoriam.
3.44 a.m. June 15 2020.
You just expedite us bad people on earth,
but doing your own rehearse
we´ll get it done and gone
as you told us
like a faisty nun…. move forward!
Quite wierd seeing you, kiss you in the forhead and gotta move on,
dad was already awake when I called him and the rest is done,
you are gone,
but you were a crazy damn hell fire of a strategic missle to begun.
Rest in piece mom, and don´t give God too much of a hedeach.
Love you to death. Which seems it finally reached that point and me… yep you guessed it mom,
like the idiot just writing it in public, for the consumption, don´t worry mom
I´ll get some money out of this writing shit even from a nun.
Lets make our nice face more fun,
I promise I won´t fuck more things, I´ll keep focus
as you wanted. And your husband too, calm as always when I called him now, we´ll be good,
you have no idea the legacy you left us. You did raise me by your own, now I´m alone.
But no crying mom, I know you even got pissed off with me crying, me or father, not in us,
love you.


    1. Thank you very much House of Heart, I just only want to keep on writing as my mother told me…. with other words actually ” get your shit together and start making money of this writing you so love” Pretty much her world, and I probably left out quite some explicits words like the famous F word and probably more. It´s done now, so move on. Again appreciate you taking the time to read, I just had to write the hour and date, I´m just abnormal as you can see.

    1. I´m Shakepeare, and now you realize…….
      Kind of weird waking up at three something a.m and seeing her dead. Called father, he told me how the process is going to be as to when they take out her body out the hospital room, the cremation tomorrow e.t.c, long process and costly by the way. She is my mother, fuck me on this one, at least I was with her in the hospital for 9 days until she passed away, until the end. If I haven´t accomplish anything in my life at least I can say I am sad but proud that I was the last person she saw,
      Plus a bit freaky me and my father, in a good way I think, we don´t relate much, my mother raised me and I always called her, just a momy boy, so now is a bit weird dad and me talking and arguing, about how we go forward. Just another very different dinamic obviously, new life, lost a life and now create a new life specially for my father, I´ll stay in touch with him and hopefully he is responsive to my suggestions about ” keep fucking moving forward”, he´s a tough man for sure but I think once in a while he´d like for me to give him some type of moral support, and obviously he to me without me noticing it. Just a weird day.

    1. Appreciate the comment George, we knew it was comming although it was still a surprise waking up a 3 somthing a.m and seeing her dead, we as a familly did as much as we could, she is the strongest person I have known and she would like me and my father (that is the only family left now, the father) to keep on doing good things.
      Stay Frosty gent,

  1. Charly siento mucho tu dolor, que descanse en paz tu querida madre en el seno del Señor. Se que nunca la olvidarás como yo jamás he olvidado la mía después de tantos años. Un abrazo.

    1. Gracias por el comentario y no hay mas que decir, simplemente seguir para delante como mi madre no nos aconsejo, fue mas bien una orden, por algo la llamaba “Mama Rambo”
      Un abrazo.

  2. I know words will not fill the void you feel; so I shall step back and allow you to mourn. Please feel that she is now living in peace.

    1. She is up there making God go a bit nuts probably, faisty woman this one. I don´t even think it actually has completely registered, I´m too calm. Maybe it is because I had trained my mind for months for this time or what is going on. I do miss seeing something that I would consider funny or me doing something stupid, then call her the next day “church it up” and tell her about the day to day type of things in life. With father is obviously different, he doesn´t have the time to hear my crazy shit, so it´s all very formal our conversations. I do miss that from mom, she would laugh at my little demises, literally laugh outloud while she shook her head and saying “this things only happens to you”, yep, miss that

  3. My thoughts and prayers to you ,Charly on this very difficult day. Continue pursuing life.Your work on earth is not done yet. Your mom would want you to do so and I am sure that she is now looking over you.Once your work’s done here in life, you and your mom will meet again.

  4. Awww…. so sorry to hear about your mom. I remember you talking about her from time to time. Seems like you and her were very close. Much love and hugs to you… ❤️xo

    1. She was the one that I talked to on the phone most of the time, not with my father. She did raised me by herself and I do remember calling her up until my age now, telling her about the day to day things that happen to me “church it up” a bit, and she listening and laughing outloud while saying ” this only happens to you”, I do miss talking to her at least one time a day and making her laugh, at me most of the time but just hearing her laugh.

  5. Life is so fragile – so sudden, so mysterious – people leave us when we cannot imagine . You were the bright light of happiness and positivity in my life – someone who taught me to fight bad situations, to stay positive and optimistic always – someone who loved me unconditionally. We spoke just a few weeks ago and I still cannot believe that it was the last time ever. I wanted to come see you and then this pandemic changed the world and I was not able to and now I can never. It saddens me so much – it’s a regret I will have to live with but I am going to remember you as the strong lady you were – always smiling in pain, always strong and positive about everything that lies ahead. You called me the daughter you never had and you were my mother – no one can change that. I had wished my son to know you , to play with you but not everything happens as per our wishes BUT I know you are watching him from above – he is your grandson and you are his guardian angel. I promise you that I will tell him about you and how much you loved seeing him grow. We are all going to miss you so much and it’s an irreparable loss. Not a day will pass when I won’t think about you. I still email pictures like I always did you thinking you will respond immediately and it will make you happy but now I won’t get the replies. I am just happy that you are at peace and no more in pain even though it means that we will have to live with the pain of not having you with us. I LOVE YOU BLANCA. I hope to see you again soon in a place of happy endings.

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