Thank you

I would just like to take a moment to say thank you to a lot of people,
I can´t name each and every one of you but you know who you are.
I just woke up now at 8 p.m,( now is ten) after not sleeping very much these past days in the
hospital, go figure this one I thought it was Tuesday and since tomorrow Tuesday
my mother is taken to “el tanatorio” or in english mortuary, anyways I was thorughly
confused I thought it was Tuesday, I see on my wrist watch it says 8, no p.m or a.m just 8
so I know the bus to get there passes at 9.30 a.m, so I inmediately call my father and
the poor man…. he must be thinking “what the fuck is wrong with this kid? I told him it
was yesterday not today.” And is actually 8 p.m not a.m. My mother is probably shaking her head
and laughing at me, like usual and I do miss that. I´m going off track.

Thanks a lot to all the people that have commented about this tragic situation. It is a great community of people here in WordPress and you have no clue how much I appreciate it. You do restore hope in me about humanity. There are good people out there. So thank you all very much for your comments of support.


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