Don´t depend on anybody

The title is not subtle
The sayings of my father “don´t depend on anybody”
The other phrase I remember from this man is ” At the end of the day you are alone”
So make your own home.
Maybe is not the things they say now a days with all the “safe spaces” and BS really,
that is too much silly.
Overall he does have a point, but ” at the end you are alone” well, the man calls
me when I least expect it, guess what, now without mother I also call him.
Goes both ways, yet not call him day after day, not in his nature
to be that creature. Nor in my nature really.
Yet overall
I do take his sayings seriously yet with a grand of salt.
And having one neuron left do know who is who, try to asses their loyalty-morality as best I can,
and then eat a meatball can.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. I think that at the end of the day you do sleep with your pillow, you might have a person next to you but ultimately you sleep alone with the pillow, so better be mentally good with that pillow, Dr.

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