The Mrs. Great lady

Yes, that is photo of you….. with my dog why does my dog loves you more than me… not fair.
Take care girl, no worries no drama, it´s tragic but we´ll be good.
You can find her in Tumbler, Facebook, Instagram my guess is also twitter.
Just a nice person and very interestinbg what she has to say.
Trust me Kruti, as a small familly we are good to go.

Take care beautiful and hugs to you and your familly.
Here we go with the comment that you sent me and a great eulogy, I can´t write things like that
so thank you for dropping by and expressing yourself in a very good manner. My mother always loved you
as you know, so thanks again for the comment, now in the crazy blog. I do really appreciate you
and again, as I told you before, it´s you and your familly the most important things.

Very well written and again thank you.

Life is so fragile – so sudden, so mysterious – people leave us when we cannot imagine . You were the bright light of happiness and positivity in my life – someone who taught me to fight bad situations, to stay positive and optimistic always – someone who loved me unconditionally. We spoke just a few weeks ago and I still cannot believe that it was the last time ever. I wanted to come see you and then this pandemic changed the world and I was not able to and now I can never. It saddens me so much – it’s a regret I will have to live with but I am going to remember you as the strong lady you were – always smiling in pain, always strong and positive about everything that lies ahead. You called me the daughter you never had and you were my mother – no one can change that. I had wished my son to know you , to play with you but not everything happens as per our wishes BUT I know you are watching him from above – he is your grandson and you are his guardian angel. I promise you that I will tell him about you and how much you loved seeing him grow. We are all going to miss you so much and it’s an irreparable loss. Not a day will pass when I won’t think about you. I still email pictures like I always did you thinking you will respond immediately and it will make you happy but now I won’t get the replies. I am just happy that you are at peace and no more in pain even though it means that we will have to live with the pain of not having you with us. I LOVE YOU BLANCA. I hope to see you again soon in a place of happy endings.


  1. Sincerest condolences on your loss Charlie. It is in the nature of things that children should bury their parents and not the other way round.

    I am truly sorry for your loss.


    1. You are right, children should bury their parents.
      Doesn´t take away that is hard pill to swallow, but that is the reality in my case, and my guess I´m not alone. Just life, for all of us.

  2. Thank you. I am still in shock and very very sad. I am extremely sad that you all did not involve me in her last days. She never told me anything about what am I suppose to do or how am I suppose to live without her. She never prepared me for this day. She was very important for me and I am not able to be ok wit h the fact that I cannot every talk to her again. I have cried cried and cried to make sense of it and to accept the truth but it still feels like a bad dream. You have no idea how important she was for me. She was as important as my own mother – i never thought of them as different. And just a thought of her bring tears to my eyes.

    1. Kruti, it is not in our familly DNA to be the way you are, yet again each person is who they are as individuals so neither me nor my father (me a bit more like a dummy) will air all our tragedies and feeling bad and all that, we didn´t tell you nor anybody until the day came, and stop crying as you say, what are tears going to accomplish? Nothing, my mother did tell me and dad to keep going after she is gone, not with those exact words but pretty much is what she said or suggested. So you focus on your famiilly, what has happened is already done. I had the wakening today with her with a close casket as it was her desires, a great priest saying,… I don´t even remember now, I was not paying much attention really, just thinking my own thoughts but a very nice man a great way my father put together the whole “thing”
      Now we move forward, simple as that.
      Love ya, take care.

  3. And you keep on talking about your small family – she was my family too and I think I was her’s too. Her and your father. How can a daughter be Ok when she loses a mother. You know I was suppose to come see her in April – had my tickets and she did not let me come – she promised me that she will be Ok soon and then I can visit her with Kabir. I kept asking how bad it is and not once she gave me a hint of how bad it had become. I spoke to her just a few days ago through text and she was hoping to go home soon. I am broken, sad and a little piece of my heart died with her.

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