4 a.m political thought

Woke up a 2 a.m got my writing done, and now watching this

3 hours and something of this podcast, so I watch 30 minutes here, stop it and see it later.
You have the podcast guy a Navy seal, with two black guys that one was a Seal and the other one
was in the U.S army rangers. It´s a good discussion about race relationships,
I can only tell you that my best friend and friend of my mother is a Marrocan.
And still today when I see him I just go off on the Marrocans and the Latin Kings idiots
that are very predominant in my small town. Not a good town to say the least. Today walking
with the groceries I encounter my friend the drug dealer, he from Ecuador I believe, he starts
telling me “come here, come here” but with a smile on his face. Me thinking, “Yes come here into
that street that nobody there is not even a bird overhead”, I did tell him to come to me, he insult me
saying I own this and that to him, I saw the opportunity being in front of a restaurant where all the
“normal” people were eating and drinking in the terraces, I just gave him one punch and down he went.
I was actually hoping for the police to come, is this criminal going to say… what?

I guess my ADD point is that is good to have those conversations about racism, yet don´t overload it
talking and talking about it constantly it does more harm than good. Also I do believe that is all
in each independent individual. For example my father was born after the Spanish Civil War and you
can understand there was no money. He had to survive how he could, and surviving as he could
did not include stealing, selling drugs, he just worked in all types of things and by his nature
he in an entrepreneur so always looking for something new to sell.

So racism… last time I checked
Obama was the president of the U.S. I might not agree with his policies, but something right he had
to do to having reach that job.

For me is simple, each individual is their own and they either will
make good decisions taking them to have a better life(economically e.t.c) or make bad decision
and take them to a bad life. I was given everything monetarely as a kid and I fucked up,
from job to job ended in the army and now a bad writer. Not my father, he was born poor and
now he is a succesful man.

Regardless of race, if you are a black person, or whatever colour you are if you can add value
to whatever job you have or simply add value to your own personal self which will inevitably lead for
job success, then you´ll do fine.
We do live, mostly in the Western world, and not all countries, but it is human nature that if you
can provide something to add value people will respect that and pay you whatever the colour of your skin is.


  1. I respect your opinion of what’s happening in the US. As far I could see, Obama started all this in his last 4 years in office. There will always be racism as long as the Blacks continue to pull the “Black Race Card” whenever they don’t get their way.
    Frankly, they keep yelling ‘Justice”, but they are getting whatever they ask for now – where does that leave the rest of the races?

    1. One thing is that Obama didn´t start it the last four years, this guy had his mindset from the beggining at a you age. Second you are corect about the race card, when you say to people be it black or whtever they are, you tell thme get your shit together and move hence they will use that simple words that applies to everybody, they will use it as the reace card. Third you said something about what does it lieave th rest of race? We are fucked to `put it bluntly as always. yet whatever race you are, hispinics, asiansn whatever it is and tell them “life black matters” Why I do realize is that the so called ground movement ( which is no ground up these idiots are very well funded and organized, funny thing the froung punders… a joke these ones, don´t even realize they are used, but let them chant and burn streets)
      As all in history, the left mainly, will extrapolate that video for them to keep in power for ever if they can. Just that simple. They wiil get a tragedy and use it for their own menefits, which that is also a tragedy,
      good news I think that there in the U.S you guys are more of the mindset of ” I don´ñt want government to pay me I can work”, the left will use that 8 minutes vieo and is watching an assasination, hope that cop gets not treated nicely while in prison. But the system did work, he is in prison. Now the leftist will use that video to their overall agenda which is basically turning the U.S to a Venezuela. My take on it, and with politics I´m `pretty well versed so it is a valid point

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