Military funny story

It was day two of our Basic Military training,
we actually finished at 7 p.m and had one hour left to… we went to the bars.
I remember saying to one of long lost friend,
“hey the Spanish people should be thankful for what we do”
The guy that I don´t remember his name, just drunk with the guys
but certainly he was proficient at that job.
He would die for me, and me for him. Strange to explain it to the civiians.
The funny story, we are drunk as a skunck and me telling this Nazi guy how we should be reveared,
he just looked at me as saying ” you dumb fuck”, he probaly said it outloud.
I guess the morale of the story- it´s your job.

Woooooosa! Have no money left, not even on the shit cell phome so we go along,
And I should hit more this mother fucker Marrocan that betwen him and another guy
stole my 20 euros and my debit card. Hope I see him, next time is not going to be punches like today,
although is hard to punch when you have the other guy putting you in a choke hold, whatever
you call it in America, I did tell his so called girlfriend and his people next time I see him,
no punches, still have the 9 m.m Parabelum that I did steal from the army, still works,
so next time he is a fucking cadaver, stealing my shit? The fucking Marrocan…. not good
for him this will be, I will kill him, and knowing myself it is no joke.

That was funny

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