4:44 am thought, by the way people have their schedules a bit mixed off,
my neighbour parting at this hour and with the kids… go figure this on out.

I´m feeling
like scheeming
in secret?
let not be that secret and what comes will come,
I ain´t taking more shit from drug dealer nor the whore self proclaimed bitch girlfriend,
she is a whore by definition if she fucks for money, even the fucking Marrocans know
where she lives… so that can give you a clue, and the fucking Marrocan had to be two guys
just stole my last money, so no honey. Yet I will hunt him down, knowing me, I have already
done it so out went the gambit, tragic but nothing to loose,
I did get the phone when the self proclaimed girlfriend called me, again and again and… again,
told her that after I finished with her Marrocans friends I would go and kill her, not really
but she trying to put me in jail, all her fake shit? Acting like a saint when these fucking Marrocans
know where she lives… why do they know, obviously she fucks with these ones in exchange of money,
could not care less about that but I am pissed off like anybody would be to get robbed by two fucking Marrocans.
I said before, I still have the 9 m.m Parabelum pistol I “accidently”forgot to give back to the army,
this time… no punches, it´s easier and quicker.
Was this a dream?
This video seems a little dramatic really, there are videos and then day to day reality, but I like the music.
Fuck out of here

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