I wish

I don´t want to hit the horse head over and over again (probably made that phrase up),
I wish to tell my mother my crazy things like going to the supermarket and having
a very deep discussion with one lady about me not wearing a mask. I forgot, and
according to the cashier it is 500 euros the fine. So out I got, when I say “out I go”
it does mean they pissed me off so I usually use not very nice names. The big guy behind me?
He was laughing while I´m telling this person that wants to call the police for me not having
a dumb shit mouth piece, telling her how the Oranizacion de la Salud ( the so called expert of the U.N)
have now, now, not earlier….. now, have puclicly anounce the masks don´t work. Here I am standing
with the cashier and this other woman, why the hell are always women that go try to find a weak point,
or just call you out in this situation for not wearing the mask. I did told her at first that I´m too cute
to weare a mask, that didn´t settle well with her obviously, and I just kept talking BS but in a nice way.
She says she will call the cops, I got comfortable then and told her not the Local Police, call the
National Police or Guardia Civil since they are more legit than the Local Police that in this town they are
a corrupt bunch of bastards. That is why I did write about it for the local newspaper and two weeks later
15 of them where gone. They say they send them to another town… so if that is true I´m sorry for the other towns.
I still can´t move my left hand after this mother fucker LOCAL police punched me and me hitting him back
but to what? His little shit body armour so he didn´t notice nothing,
I was part of a group to get rid of them is the point.
Now they can read and enjoy.
Try to follow my ADD…
Plus call my father that is a Captain of the Spanish Civil Guard, that was BS though, my father is not a Captain
but he does work with higher ups, much higher ups than a Captain.
I wish I could tell this story to my mother ,church it up as always, but who are we kidding?
She knows me and she knows that I can become a bit agressive in this situations. A freaking mask this one….
I just wish I could hear mom luagh at my dummy things, plus I am quite the story teller in a good way that is,
making what happens to me funny, or at least make her laugh at me. It is quite interesting my day to day things.
I just wish she was still alive, and since she knows I can take care of myself in the worst type of scenarios,
she just laughed at the little things, and you had to see me trying to put the gloves on… Jeeeesus, what
an odysey that one.
(Woke up at 3.a.m and now is almost noon, seems like a life time, out we go yo gigolo)

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