My new idol(video!!)

Apart from Julia Roberts that I felt in love as a kid, this woman is hot and smart
plus loyal to the president agree with him or not. She has all these sharks reporters
with the “catch you question”, it´s not even a question they are just saying their own thoughts
making it look like a question. Having family members and knowing a bit about
politics and specially journalist, these reporters get worst and worst, I think Trump just made them nuts.
And Trump loves it. I actually think he woldn´t get out of bed if he didn´t have to fight his opponents.

Great optics seing the hottie, and a very smart lady to deal with those sharks of media reporters,
so called reporters that eventually have turned into comentaries of what they think,
but putting up as a question. Nothing new at this point.
Just interesting to see the back and forth, a very intelligent woman this person.
Tough as nails and she got the reporters in check. Has to be hard that job,
I myself would literally smack the reporters after so many “catch you when I can questions” bombarding her.
I thought she was great at dealing with that situation and it is day after day for her.


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