The dealers

I can understand them, since I became one of them in my early days,
just a shit face hen,
i can understand after all my sayings to them
making them feel I am trustworthy and is not that hard kowing myself and knowing how they percieve me
more important that they would come up with a deal with me…. so I basically bullshit my face off
i can understand that they gave me “that” on credit,
writing in a blog named Crazy Life so I won´t edit
the…. debit!
Holy shit, this guy tells me I owe him 55 euros, the other ones now is 40 euros
so no money for me lady for this iditos no honey to you? Qite simple.
And I do have one pimple,
we´ll probably end up doing some type of kungfu wrestling type of thing,
even Stevie Wonder saw what is comming,
the weird thing is me being freaky calm. I am too calm with all the shit going on.
Maybe I´m actually a sociopath… you know those crazies that don´t have feelings to other people?
Or maybe this in the nipple.

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