I just can´t live in fear

Crona Corona…. Madonna.
I live not in a pretty good town to put it mildly,
so simply,
for this guy wanting me to rob me, I just took out the knife
and hit him ral nice,
went to his elbow, I don´t want to kill anybody,after army experience,
but if I have to defend myself I will. I am not going to be the one dead,
better him than me for sure, that is unfortuanately what is pure.
And the police I called….. great help, so if they are not going to protect me
I have to do it myself, probably end up in jail, but these motherfuckers that their job
is to wake up in the morning and steal and sell drugs, not happening with me.
And you idiots when you read this, it is no joke. I got a bit tired of making me the dummy.
It is no joke, trust me you fuckhead, you already got stabbed by me, but in a good way
I could have gone for the upper body, just went lower to keep you in check, you come to my house…
nothing good is going to happen that is for sure, and my heart will be pure.
You probably won´t have a heart beat, but you can always in hell sing a beat while in a comma sleep.


    1. If you mean a worthy model for me to protect my life, you are correct. This is no joke you, what do I do then? I start talking with him about Santa Clause, get the fuck out of here, I already I am too calm, just in me and having the military experience, seems it helped when dealing with 3 guys trying to steal me, what do I do then? Start a philosophical conversation? You live to nice, get back to reality

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