Those black people…..evil!!!

Here goes the video of Candance Owens( black woman and very smart in my opinon)
Interviewing this white Navy Seal, there are a lot of elements there, so please comment
or just hit the LIKE button, I make money out of it. Like like like, very interesting
those two people which I can relate in some senses from both sides.
(I had to put that title, it was catchy, think what you want about it but politcal correctness is not what I write
I do write the truth though)


    1. Forgot.
      and this is CNN which is obviously left wing, and liars ad you, so thank you fo the “unfollow” since my life obviously revolves around interntet…. get a life lady, or at least don´t wake up an try do destroy other people that don´t think like you, just trying to help you to be more productive, again let loose of the internet or wasssaps or whatever you do with social media, nothing good for sure, but you really think my life revolves around social media, you think this is the only blog I have, you think… actually you don´t think with that dumb comment. See ya later “unfollwer”….. damn, I am destroyed

  1. I have found Ms. Owens to be quite sharp. She gets her facts, puts them together and blasts the wrong people (usually Democrats) to shreds!

    1. She is a smart lady for sure, I liked this interview not only because she dismisses the democrats with pretty good arguments based onf facts, she did not was not born with a sliver spoon, she earned it, you can obviously tell she is more of the academic type of person and that is good, but I also found that interview with the Navy Seal her being quite vulnerable, and I think she even said it. Then you got this big Navy Seal talking to her points and seeing her as she called it “insecurities”, but a very nice Navy Seal for what I saw, and Ms. Owens, well you can´t get better with this person, she is cute, smart as hell, and she is black so for her to be a consevative there is no denying she has to battle day in day out with probably most blacks. She is a fighter is what I´m saying, and that I can appreciate it very much.

      1. Sure ! Thanks! Candace is the paid conservative troll, I was speaking of …

  2. I saw that interview. Candace always does a great job and talks with people on both sides. She also interviewed Marc Lamont Hill. BTW, I like your posts BECAUSE you care nothing for political correctness!

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