Where is my dog?!!!

I don´t even know were my mother is, my guess it would be with the “company”,
now the fucking dog has to be operated… what the fuck,
it´s one after another, and I would make the comparison in some strange way that is,
that now is my father alone in the house, and as much the dog drives him nuts who is
the one taking care of the dog? My father. Obviously no comparison to loosing his wife
of 50 years,( and my mother) but that little devil of bulldog will be one solution to a lot of other problems.
My crazy Tina is her name

yes she is a pain in the ass but I do think (if my father is paying who knows
how much amount of money for the dog to be operated, not going to ask him)
She will be a pain in the ass but it our dog. And once in a while make dad smile.


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