George Floyd

Yes, you watch a video of this cop killing this person, I was in the military so I do know something about killing,
this idiot police was enjoying his moment. He is in jail now and hopefully they rape him at the very least.
Having said that the system did work, the police officer is in jail as well as the other 3 police men standing by.
We had a protest here in Spain of “black lifes matter”, I just saw white people, they will extrapolate that video
for their own selfish agenda, and they don´t even realize that they are pawns of the people that pay or don´t pay
better said, they pay for them, them being the rich, obviously is you have money and a agenda you can manipulate,
they just use the idiots to protest, kill police, destroy shops, e.t.c.
Never say “all lifes matter”, that is an insult for them would be my guess, reason is quite obvious,
you can´t have a sincere conversation with them, and that is what they want. They will create the problem
and then act as victims if you retaliate to their physical threats.
What about all these names mostly black persons, anybody cares about them?,


    1. Lo que me enfada es que cojen ese video que obviamente estas viendo al polica matar ha este hombre y luego lo utilizan para su propia agenda politica, los manifestantes son los que menos pueden hacer (excepto algunos robar y destruir ciudades) pero los politicos si van a utilizar la tragica muerte de este hombre que no era ningun santo “he had a pretty extensive rapsheet” aunque eso no importa cuando el policia esta matandolo lentamente, ese es el escenario en microscopia, los politicos y los politicos cojen el dinero para sus campañas de quien? Normalmente y obviamente de gente rica, cada uno con sus propios intereses es como funciona la vida, pero si me enfada qe los politicos hagan dos cosas, una es utilizar la muerte de este hombre pare sus propios intereses y segundo utilzar a todos estos manifestantes, que ganan los manifestantes? Nada economico, simplemente manifestarse por manifestarse, debe de estar de moda y ser “cool” preguntale algun manifestante de estos si conocen alguna persona negra muerta o blanca tambien a cargo de un policia, no te pueden decir, se les ha quedado el nobre George Floyd y siguen con ello, pueden llegar algun sitio pero va a ser un buen sitio. Como ya dije en el post, la justicia ya ha metido en prision a los 4 policias. Ya esta, la justicia funciona en USA no aqui en España, pero eso es todo otro tema. Pero si funciono ahi, que hacen los manifestantes? A mi modo de ver hacer el “paripe” ya que estan robando y quemando ciudades por lo menos, eso si esta en los intereses de algunos manifestantes, luego estan los otros manifestantes que simplemente son como you cuando estaba en el ejercito, eres un borreguito y sigues lo que dice la Ama or Amo de la manada. Aunque por lo menos mi trabajo en el ejercito fue para bien en la mayoria de los casos, pero asi veo a estos idiotas, manifestandose y si son organizados, pero ellos se sienten que si forman parte de ese grupo son heroes.

      1. Asi mismo lo veo yo. Siguen ordenes como borregos sin saber nada. Ademas eso de tumbar estatuas o pintarlas y vandalizarlas es algo inaceptable. Los tontos utiles estan cumpliendo pero los que estan ahi para prevenir eso no…es todo un paripe, de acuerdo…Un saludo colega y un abrazo

  1. Sorry I’m running a little bit behind everyone else; but I think I agree with you ! Racism certainly exists, just as injustice and corruption exists, and all racist acts are wrong, just as all injustice and corruption are wrong too, but I believe the true solution to racism is education, not mass civil disobedience that descends into violence, often having the largest impact on the weakest and most vulnerable in society.
    I don’t know about your country, but in the UK I see society imbalanced far more on grounds of education, finance and opportunity, than race, and the collapse of the family unit and the lack of discipline, especially in schools. are the two main factors affecting someone’s chances to succeed, (and for young men, you can probably add testosterone!) far more than colour of skin. If you don’t give young people a positive direction, it’s highly possible they will find a negative one to follow.

    1. I can´t add more to your comment, I completely agree. Familly unit, education, yes there will be racist here and there. Overall is not a systemic problem as some from certain political parties want us to believe since that way they politicians stay in power by convincing people they are victims, the victim mentality is not good that is for sure. My father lived and faught during the Spanish fascist dictator Franco, not physically fight but faught through words as a journalist, not easy for him to say the least, yet he did instill on me a sense of being tough if you might use that word. Tough and critical thinker. I think young kids should get more education on critical thinking, my father was born dirt poor so his knowlede is basically him, it is you and you that can make it happen. Being white, black, whatever the skin if you are good at what you do and provide added value to your job, society as a whole then you are in a good route. And by the way this George Floyd had 9 convictions, one of them robbing a pregnant mother which was black. It does not excuse what those idiot police did, but that guy was no saint. And what about the thousands that are murdered in Chicago from gun violence every week? Anybody remembers them? No, this is all political. They will extrapolate that hard to watch video of a police man murdering the other no saint but murdering him and use it for their political benefit. That is something I don´t agree and I feel it´s shameless that the politicians would use that snap shot video for their own motives to stay in power, and people will go along with them. Who is funding Black lifes Matter? A bunch of white people. So that is that, You can check out the facts and see I´m not speaking just to speak with these serious matters.

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