Proud Boys (video)

They call themselves Proud Boys, it is a catchy title. Knowing a bit about the
movement it has become a ground up movement when they see Antifa anarchist
destroying, looting, stealing, the list goes on. For every extreme so called movement
there will be a response, in this case the response against Antifa is the Proud Boys,
living in soicialist Spain I can tell you most of them are not racist, they just want to hit these idiots.


  1. Charly, Proud Boys is a recognised far-right neo-fascist group… While they might not always align as racists, they do align as fascists, and very outwardly so. They are as much of a violent scum of a group as ANTIFA might ever hope to be, and they defend the abnegation of our rights in favour of dictatorships.
    It’s fine to not support ANTIFA as a group, but supporting Proud Boys is just as destructive, I find.

    1. We have that in commong they are as destructive as Antifa, but I do have to add that Antifa is very well founded and organized. That is parto of the reason that you see riots, looting, stealing and killing in the U.S As I said in the post, once you got extreme groups like Antifa inevitably you will see a counter group, in this case the so called Proud Boys, I do have in common with you that both groups are extreme, and as you know in our day to day life to be in one extreme or the other is not going to benefit us as individuals. Yet in this case it was Antifa that started so no wonder the other people got together and just basically said “l et´s make their head swollen if not the Antifa people will do it to us and they have already done it”
      I actually just like the music of the video, apart from politics that I already know, it actually bores me, so might as well write some dumb thing, yet again you have one left movement that started creating anarchy and there has to be a response against them. If not what? You want to live in a society (like in Spain) that the word law and order has gone out the widow for a lot of years.

      1. Charly, I’m Portuguese, I’m right next to Spain. Law and order is not gone in Spain. Spain has a centre-left social-democratic party, which means Portugal is even more left than Spain, and we still have law and order.
        ANTIFA, funded or not, is a counter-culture movement whose precise definition is countering fascism, which means, also concomitantly and by definition, ANTIFA precedes fascism. You are right in saying that an extreme movement necessarily spawns another, but what I don’t agree with is that the salve of an issue is more of the issue. Proud Boys have been tied to hate crimes, mobs, lootings, violent assaults and many racial and sexual motivated crimes throughout their existence. They have ties with racial extremists and EVEN violent far-right anarchists (yes, they exist, anarquism is not exclusively left-winged), like anarco-capitalists and right-libertarians.
        So, it’s not one left movement and one right movement, it’s mentally unstable factionists that are violent, absurd and societal parasites, whose frustrations in a world that no longer recognises them as inherently (on both sides) makes them turn to movements that justify their violence.
        None of them deserve support, and, in my view, anyone that uses any sort of violence for political purposes has no worth whatsoever, regardless of how righteous they think they are.

      2. Completely agree with your last statement of the comment, now the question is (since I had a friend from Portugal) when are you going to invite me to see that beautiful place? You pay…..

        Take care sir, and thank you for a constructive conversation

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