Condition for death

I could care less about me,
so be.
Lost mother the 14th of the past month
and still haven´t cried
saw my father (superman) almost broke completly
maybe is because of my military experience
or born that way, until today,
I just haven´t cried about any tragedy in my life
maybe I should live with a wife
or I´m a psycho
A great mother I had
It is sad
But I can´t fucking cry and there is the big why?


    1. I don´t know, maybe would be my guess. I do cry once in a while in private, I even stopped sing the videos of the soccer player Messi who my mother loved,so later I would talk about him. I just have a weird connection with dealing with this kind of stuff.
      Anyways, thank you very much for reading and comment.

  1. Com o tempo, tudo será apenas uma doce saudade… eu sei o que é perder uma mãe.
    Abraço e fique bem

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