The Spy

It is a fascinating world
Since my mother died this last month
I have been talking more with father
Nothing deep bother
Me making him laugh about my idiocies
So, anyways
Tomorrow his is meating with the Spy
About his work, about everything, seems a good relationship with a former Spanish spy,
My father is not new to spies, and when we talk I obviously don´t ask his name, nor much really,
Yet my father when he said the Spy was retired, I asked him why? He works around you,
He added that spies do not retire. So what better form of information than a high level spy?
Information for his work and his security and his health and his income,
Who the hell is this freaking spy, not kidding about that one if you truly knew my fathers history,
and is a mystery, maybe my own father worked as a spy, no clue, or is a spy, no clue,
just came out the blue

Read ya´ll later you animators and innovators.


  1. Oooh you father may be a retired spy! I love the imagery and you in the army! Glad you are talking more to your father Charly! You are a good son! Proud of you! Garfield hugs!

    1. Maybe when I was in the army I was doing “special missions”…. I think that at the first time I got in trouble there they put me as a cook, probably sell something under the table, or give the Afghans poison.. don´t know, point being that my father may have had a hand on all that. I don´t know.
      In all seriousness I truly appreciate your comment. (And I actually think my father is a spy, he is meeting with one today so… I won´t ask obviously and just tell him my crazy day for him to laugh at but who knows… kind of weird)
      Big hugs back

      1. If he was a spy, then in true spy fashion, he will never admit it! Ooh it does add mystery to your father’s life! Maybe that is why he is always so quiet!

      2. Yes, I always wondered why he talks about things in general terms, he is a quite man but he did make my mom laugh for 50 years or more, but he is kind of a sneeky (in the good way that is) type of person, nobody knows what he is actually doing. Good that I´m his son, we just talk about….. he won´t even let me know exactly what he is doing for work, we talk about the house, the dog, try to keep mom off the way, but yes, you maybe on to something. I just know as his son his health is good, his mood is good, that is the best I can ask for.

  2. Oh I am so sorry, Charly. My deepest condolences to you. What a tremendous loss, what a wonderful woman she was. I hoped she would make it… She loves you from wherever she is now. Hugs, my young friend.

    1. Hello inese, thank you for dropping by and for your comment. We knew it was going to happen it was just a matter of time. At least I can say…again, I was there for her from most of the time but definitely her las two months of life and obviously checking her pulse at 3:44 and 56 seconds in the a.m is when I registered it, although she was a bit cold so she probably passed away some hours ago or maybe an hour at most I think, but it is weird since I do tend to block things out and look at it very abstractly. This is the woman that raised me and I stll called her every day at my age of the 30 ´s to talk to her about some BS, but now, I just block all the memories, how? No clue, I don´t even get preocupied talking to father now about her bulldog that now he has to care for, don´t even think about that bulldog, don´t even watch videos in youtube that she would like for me to tell her about like soccer, it´s just she never existed. And I was there until the end, quite literally. She was dead at 3:44,56 seconds in the a.m as I registered it in my head. Called the nurses, then dad, then I went out and had a cigarette. It is very weird, I only get emotional sometimes if I talk to my father about what I´m telling you know, apart from that, I just completely block it.
      Hey! Nice you´re back in this great community.

      1. Blocking is the way to cope, Charly. Do what you need to do to cope. It is between you two.
        When my Dad died, I like you was at his bed. I watched him die and his spirit leave. When you share a mystery of life and death with somebody, any memories are not that important. You will get to them later. Hugs, Charly

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