Shots fired

Shots fired literally under my window and I didn´t blink a eye.
Military have been part of me, and not to be, did teach me.
I don´t fucking blink.

Read as much can of you alligators innovators.


    1. I just got to the window to see what the world was happening, saw the guys, luckly the bullets were not for me and sorry for my neighbour that has 3 kids. No wonder we joined forces against these animals. They are cowards, luckly me and my neighbour is a tough one this one. I had years before had my disputes with him, I know. This guy like me is not backing down. Plus I seem to be conditioned to the sounds of bullets, weird it is.
      And I think Laura will probably be the one with the machine gun, or maybe tank

    1. Thank you, but I used to it unfortunately. I myself can be quite violent if necessary that is. Part of living here and it is my fault, if I took better decisions earlier in life I would not be here. I know firearms (been in the military and deployed twice as infantry) so I don´´t really know why I didn´t even blink an eye, I did went to the window with cover that is meaning that I stayed low, just checked on my nighbor and he and his 3 childreen were good. About safe? I don´t care about myself with these idiot criminals, I truly want others to be safe. No hero trying here to portray myself, but deffending the deffensless ( I know my grammar is not good) it was born in me and my mother that past away last month unconsciously seeing myself her actions instilled in me. Not much more to it.
      Appreciate your comment..

      1. I do have a kind heart and I do come across as it, but once people step the line then you will not see a heart, I know that much about me.

      2. Oh charly, I did not realize you lost your mom recently. I know how devoted you were too. I am so very sorry for your loss. You are a kind and good soul. Looking out for those who cannot defend themselves…you have a lot of your mom in you, yes? Wonderful values. Again, I am so very sorry for your loss. Your English is fine…I wish I could learn better Spanish and quicker. It is harder when you are older. Lo siento mucho, Charly 😦

      3. Gracias Oliana, We knew her death was comming so it did not surprise me. I do have a weird way of dealing with it, I block it out completely. I think is worst for my father married for her over 50 years, I just know that I put it on some mental box and shut it down, I stopped seeing the youtube videos she liked for me latter to comment on them to her (with all my silliness), I don´t even ask my father when I talk with him how is the dog, her bulldog that is that he now has to take care of, I even blocked the dog out of the equation and I also loved that dog. Denial? No, I was there when she died, I was there for a month and something taking care of her in her house, and there in the hospital when I went to check on her and found her cold. Then I put the machine in process, called nurses, father to tell him, and the rest. I just feel very robotic, I have to do this and that and move on and never think back. It seems that is has to be a constance of me, army days saw what I saw did what I did and out the window so never thought about it much. And I do believe I have that kind of mindset thanks in part to my mother, she is no cry baby, was no cry baby, she did tell me to talk more with my father when she literally knew she was going to die, she probably knew from months would be my guess even though obviously I would talk to her the next year in this vacation or something like that, like if she was going to be alive in a year… we all knew, she knew and when her head was still o.k, obviously laughed at me which I loved to see her laugh at my dummy things and nothing more went on a rampage of a comment here. Talk about a woman, hard as nails this one.

  1. OMG! I would have grabbed Garfield and ran for my life! You are brave. Stay safe Charly and I am glad you are military trained. Still, be careful please.

    1. That might be yes, but you forgot how he also brought the country together after our cool dictator died and the Spain is one of the few if not only the only one that transitioned from a dictatorship to a democracy which is now run by the socialist-communist and really screwing it up. That´s a fact is not that I´m inventing it. I know our ex-King was definitely not perfect you also forgot that he has great ties with the arabs to for him to get money and he is a prolific sex addict, but having said some of his faults, he was there in 1975 to bring the country together and also was there in 1981 when the right Fascist ( I say right since there are also left fascist) tried a coup to overthrow our democratic elected governenment. If he wouldn´t have interevened who know what could have happened.

    2. Appreciate you taking the time to read and completely introduce your politics in a post that has nothing to do with politics. I hope you feel better though. Have a great day.

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