Living with a Buddha (diary)

I don´t know why I put in “diary” there, it´s always some sort of diary.
Now with the Corona, out goes the jobs, everyone if fucked.
I rent a room in a house with 4 others, although it does vary.
The one that seems to be permanent is this Marrocan guy next to me,
very nice man, he cooks real good, at least he has food so when he saw me
some days ago ( we all stick to our rooms not because of the Corona)
he gave me some food, he has no t.v, doesn´t read books, he has 4 walls
and still calm, you might tell him a nuclear bomb just exploded next to him
so he will stare at you as if… nothing. I actually told the guy, you´re a Buddha
you are not a Muslim ,(actually I didn´t say that but wanted to) He is too calm.
He believes in Allah and he said that is what keeps him sane. Something to that effect.
So maybe faith I don´t really know, I do know he is not perfect and have catch him doing
some not very normal things, as well as he knows my not normal things,
since I am not normal for sure. We had our altercation at first, but now we are good.
Jesus, every time I see him in the house that is…. If by nature I am already calm,
when I see this guy I go into some kind of Zen state of mind.

Read you all later you animator and more important innovators.


    1. Thank you, kind of a weird story though if you really knew what is happening. I do ” churck it up”, the same I did with mother, but people are not dumb, so I just …. I just write what I write in this blog, it is called crazy life, anyways thanks for stopping by and commenting

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