Probably whatching
Too many Youtube videos

Here is the thing
With Corona blig

Watching ex-soldiers bitching about
In the political and personal doubt

I was lucky then? Got a hen,
I remember the “Pater” in Spanish
Spanish Leghion that is and he was an actrual priest.

We, me and 100+ guys, sat in a room, wordly no room,
he asked what would become a friend from Colombia,
he asked him ” What are you doing here?”
answer ” for my country!!!! He yelled.

I´m thinking like every one is thinking, I need money, it´s a cool job at that time
so that went behind like all of us in the military in our younger ages,
fuck with this trying to make this a poetry with structure,
the Priest told him ” This is a job”, so fuck those (making friends) veterans being sorry,
you chose to enlist, I did too, specially infantry, what the fuck would happen?
You are going to do and see abnormal things, but you chose it, don´t bring it to politics. Punks.

Too many Youtube videos, but it is great…. that they will track what kind of videos you play with
so I mix them up together to see what the youtube algorithm hiiiiimmmmm would “suggest” , gave me
something to think off, in not this only aspect by the way so lets heeeeeeeeee!

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