The story of Hello

Riiiiiing riiiing! the phone.
“Hello dad how are you doing?”
“I´m almost asleep”
The son could tell he was drunk
“Yeah I can tell”
That is why I called you at this hour
“How are you son?”
“Doing well, I thought you where going to take your afternoon stride”
“Not today.”
“O.k” says the son, ” You are going to take it tomorrow right?”
“Yes, talk to you later today”
The son says, “You mean tomorrow right?”
Laughs on the fathers part of the phone, ” Ofcourse”

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. I know I suck, but thank you anyways for encouraging me. I´ll try to put more effort on this “writing thing”, I tell people it is a job and all the people around me laugh at it, if you are not literally picking bricks (which I have done as a living in construction sites in Spain) sitting and all the process of writing is not a job for anybody that is close to me. So I really appreciate your encouraging comment.
      Have a wonderful weekend Lia.

      1. You seriously do not suck, you rather rock in a big way, you tell the gut truth and you give zero effs who doesn’t like it (at least that’s how it reads) and honestly that’s the most engaging kind of lit. So please do rock on Charly and thanks for the very sweet reply, makes my day. And likewise have a great weekend.

      2. I certainly don´t give a F what people think, if I did I could go off the cliff. I´m just weird, anyways thanks for the comment, and using one of your words, a sweet comment and very glad to hear it.

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