1. This too shall pass… last summer was horrific here, and at one point I wrote a poem about smothering my husband because of the 100W he was radiating constantly. But now I can see the frost glittering on the ground outside…

    1. What did you did to your husband….. poor man.
      38 degrees celcius today, everybody without jobs and pissed off plus wearing a mask in this heat. I will pray for your husband, don´t take it out on him. We men stand together…. alone but together. (Kidding if you know my humour)
      Have a great day and read ya know Kate

    1. We are going to reach today 38 degrees celcious which would be 110? Farenheit, anyways too much. Everybody pissed off, no jobs, heat, and wearing masks like some kind of extraterestial creatures. I don´t have air conditioning obviously so I jump into the shower get a quick “wash” with as much cold water these 70+ year old tubes can give and back to the room.

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