Mad Max World!

You know that movie? Well, it´s the same in Spain.
Go to the supermarket, 38 degrees celcious that would be over 100 Farenheit,
everybody with masks, no jobs and pissed off. Got 4 cans of shitty food,
I drop one it explodes hence the “supervisor” of the supermarket goes wild,
I tell him not in a sensitive tone to shut the fuck up, you pick it up, your job.
Get to the cashier and see a 60+ year old man, probably his first time
in a modern supermarket, like my father, now the wife´s stay home and it´s in our culture
for the man not to go to the supermarket, but now….I see this man looking at sheets,
yes as in sheets you put on the bed and I myself suddenly realize my first time in 37 years
I have lived in this planet that the sheets cost 20$. Holy shit, I actually tell this man
since I know this is novice for him, I tell him ” Man, who would have thought they cost so much”
Him, ” I´ll let it to my wife” and we both laugh.
Mad max word, and both of us with the freaky masks.


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