Hot mamma!

Holly shit with Corona effect, I see things real weird,
even growed a beer,
supermaket time today
buy 3 shits, but they are hits,
go out and…. hot mammmmmmma!!!!
Holy with this one, with the kid on her right hand
cigarette on the other and she is just hot… might have some
weird fetish for moms, sorry to my own mom but she knew I was a bit
well lets say I only talked to her mostly about girls.
Where is that hooootie mammma!!! aaaa!

Have a great day gents and gentesses.


    1. How ya doing yo hottiiiie!!!!
      What can I say, the woman was hot, but I liked the scenario of her grabing the kid on her right hand, no mask or anything, and strolling around smoking like it was the end of the world for smokers and talking to a guy in a very typical spanish way, which is…. take the highway.

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