The boss

No, not talking about Bruce Springteen but Meeeeesi! Or I call him Messi,
or also “little man”, he is tiny. You watch this soccer player and you will
fall in love with all the little things of soccer.
(Hope youtube lets me put it here)


    1. Thank you for the readin.g or seeing, my idol He is truly the best, apart from his dribbles that he gets out of 6 guys, ( I think he has glue to the feet), you can put him in middle field, left fieild, right field, in the middle, and he will create a something for his team, specially Barcelona, he will create something. He is just a multitatalenter player in whatver position you put this guy. Althouth the his personal dribbles…. man! That is quite something to see. He will not go down without all the faults he takes. He keeps on. That is one thing for overall life, get knocked down and you will get up. Pele, Maradona? Have nothing on this guy in my opinion. Guardiola said, send you the video it´s 1 minute and little more in English

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