I don´t want to speak
Of loosing my mother
In my weird mind
I call it the be kind…and speak about her
Yet I call my father and I do bother
The same time he called me Iast 9 p.m, he was down
Not as called him at 7 a.m, he is still there
And the poor man actually woke to heare me…. fuck, not happening no more
Might be my self poor, but got to move the ass here and there
Not that weird, just adapt. This is no fucking act.


  1. Not sure how to interpret or react to this. Through out my life I ignored my dad for my own stupid reasons. None solid. Today even if I want to be available, he is not alive to benefit from it. Only regrets left.

    1. Just a story of a kid now man that was raised by a single mother and now that she is gone the “kid” finds himself dealing with a father he really never knew. But is good we talk when we can.
      Appreciate you reading and commenting.

    2. Forgot.
      No regrets left, if I had to think about all the things I screwed up with even the woman who raised me being my mother… I probably go off some cliff. No regrets, is my theory.

      1. 👍 These things are heavy and meaningful. Thank you for sharing. The second I read, it made me think of myself and my world. Totally connecting.

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