Bad move

If I live in a town of criminals
It is literals
Hence I step on them
And today I myself got the hen
Got the fucking knocked out this time
Yet tomorrow will me on my dime
My bad for going drunk, sucker punched me while seating on a bench
Pisses me off now, the little criminal shit, eventually will get his hit,
Although no wonder if I already kicked his ass that he wants me, tomorrow will be you
I´ll stitch you up with glue.


    1. No injuries, he just hit bad on my left face. I actually as of today and it happened yesterday so these type of things swell over time, normally from a day to day, and today waking up…. nothing. Except me having a the head hurting from drinking. He knew I was drunk and he took his time to hit me when I was not looking and drunk, so today or maybe tomorrow when not drunk, he is going down. He knows it also, no wonder when I´m good he keeps away, this time he saw his opportunity just a cheep shot really. He will pay for it I can tell you that.

    2. Forgot.
      Injuries? I don´t understand that word. I´m a injury walking person, so used to that shit, and I also can or just say it, it did kick the shit out of his friends, eventually you are going to loose one or two or more, but I don´t sit down, not in me.

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