My translation about information

I did put the work on it to translate it from Spanish to English and since I do tweek his work sometimes
tweek meaning he is old and great type of journalist although he might be a spy who knows….
I do capture what he tries to convey not word for word so I do tweek it if you will
yet keeping the whole context in mind to make it more personal for the reader
which now a days it seems people like it more, sells more that is the end point.
You are not reading a robotic type of thing.
It is very interesting and extremely useful from day to day type of things
to politics, different type of work environments. For everything in life.
Hit the link if you want to read an extremely interesting person (my father) and read what
will make your life better.

How I invented the model of information that change the world future


  1. “To measure and analyze information in its intangible dimension” — That is certainly something badly needed in this world. Utilitarianism is gaining ground. We have come to believe only the material has value. But the things of the heart and soul are so much more precious.

    1. Yet the material has information, it is all how you handle the information. And this man, (dad) has a formula for it. Even Bill Gates sponsored him, it is public record not making it up. I know I´m the dark sheep of the family but hell….so be it. There has to be a dummy somewhere in the family, yet a trustfull dummy when the s…t hits the fan.
      So Billy the Gates and finishing my random thought, the things of the heart and soul are emotions which a person will handle those based on how each individual process information.

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