The one person

Try to follow my train of thought,
You should because I bought…you
One person gave me directions which I don´t follow them often-
Too often.
I know I need an outward input for me to function in extreme circumstances
Since those are my only chances,
If I stay alone writing, reading, that is good but doesn´t give me food nor makes me feel good,
I will drop dead in front of the computer or the bed, not completely dead since I do write,
But at the end of the day in order for me to feel alive I need that outward extreme input
From the outside, be it very drastic, I need the harshness from the outside to push me,
Interesting thing, when it happens, I function with a controlled adrenaline, I just function.
Better than most people, yet make me do the bed or buy this in the supermarket,
I´m a nuissance. But you won´t consider a nuissance when I saved your life.
Kind of weird how my mind is wired up.
Only because one person saw it in me.

Read ya all alligators innovators, about to shut my internet, might ass well get this out, why?
No clue. But will try to read as much, you are the such.


  1. I love it Charlie. I agree. I love a good does of outside stimulation. And I like the way you show that perceived ‘weaknesses’ can be strengths and vice versa.

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