At the end of the day you want to be part of a tribe,
example-Maroccans in this town of Spain they think they own
selling drugs and bitches blown
example- No Spanish person will rent a room for the overwhelming part
seems it is not our art.
example- living with 2 of Peru,
I had to give them the ice glue
a bit nasty, yet they bullshit stuck together.
example….. fuck that, it is in human nature to stick to your tribe, you can pretend
to no end,
but at the end of the day if you know what is best for you and yes it seems we as selfish
holy shit, i cought a fish ( had to rhyme), point …………
Since primal days we as humans have lived in tribes. Got me? Now I even feel smart,
ate a tart.


  1. Your like of my last comment on a previous post of yours brought me here just now. Thanks Charly. Neat that you write about tribes and I too have just written about tribes. Very in sync haha. Why do you follow my blog but never like my posts? Seems odd to me. Anyway I’ve enjoyed your truthful and blunt writing. Thanks for the reads. 💛

    1. Not odd for me to not hit the button LIKE, I will read your post like right know the last you posted as you will obviously see. But for me is not odd to read a post, find it interesting and forget to hit the LIKE button. Might not be the smartest move but at least I enjoy what I read, I do know the other people need some sort of satistaction if you will with the LIKE´S, and I usually try to hit it, but a lot of times I just forget I live in a house that is wild so as I read I have to concentrate on that reading and then I have to concentrate on whatever shit is happening with the other roomates, sorry if you find it odd, but I do read you people as much as I can to enjoy myself and learn about the art of writing and more other subjects. My free online univerisity as I call it, without paying the 70 Euros of internet that is, but trust me I do read you, just left my crazy comment in your last post. Not all that crazy by the way

      1. Haha definitely not crazy. I LOVE this response!!! It explains a lot. Much appreciated, thanks, and it’s the same for me regarding the online university hehe. I applied for a Masters degree (but f’d it up and failed) and it would have cost a crazy 14K I didn’t have anyway. Screw it, this is better. ;)) Lotsa love and write on Charly xoxoxo 🤟❤️🎸✍️

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