O my… Humans

Jesus Christ,I might be the weird one on this one…..but do you
read and literally follow comments of certain people in other blogs you read?
I rarely look at my own statistics why the hell would I want to read the comments
of others in other blogs and be consistent about it, jeeesus. I´m sure this person
(not sure really who knows) is not bad intentioned but it is kind of freaky to
see that she likes all my comments it seems. I might go to comment something and see
another person I follow and then hit the like button if I like what he or she comments
but quite rearely. This person had me pinned on almost all my comments, and they are not
alot of them neither sinister nor nothing about them. Just saying pretty much how much
I liked the post, why would I comment if I didn´t like it? Just me, I know others like this
other idiot talking about the king of Spain when I posted a great but grreeeeeeet poem
about shots fired. What the hell does this idiot has to comment on a post that has nothing
to do with our King? He might feel better after releasing his hatred I guess, I hope so he
feel better. And the other lady….. keep on reading me, you are a bit freaky though.


  1. I wonder the same thing! I sometimes get one idiot liking comments I’ve made on different posts – of course I get email notifications because I like to be driven mad by the constant stream of WordPress emails – and I wonder how on earth they find my comments on different blogs! What’s the point? Maybe some people really have nothing better to do with their time. It’s a mystery!

    1. I guess you said it ” maybe some people really have nothing better to do with their time”, plus I would add a bit they are a bit of an A-holes, but anyways, who really cares, not me. I just found it funny and interesting, I know my moral compass and I also know those other types, so be it. Couldn´t care less, I do have to deal with a survival mode every single day, so writing it is interesting for my one neuron to work but about other people… no my problem, they can search me anywhere and try whatever they want, doesn´´t bother me but it was interesting seeing this lady and the other guy. Just humans, I wasn´t born yesterday so let them.

    1. I know, just came back to the apartment after hitting the criminal guys in my town which is full of them, walk out the door there they are. Having lived what I lived they don´t scare me, so translate that to internet. People have this luxury including me, but compared to my day to day life… just bunch of dummies saying things hiding behind a computer. At least I talk the talk and walk the walk. The internet thing…. it is curious for me to see how these so called, as I called them after literally hit this criminal numerous times, it is funny for me to hear them or see them writing in their chair behind a computer, like me right now, but I hope they never have to do what I do when I´m not behind a computer.
      That was a long comment…… sorry

      1. You do I´m quite sure. Like the title of the movie of Clint Eastwood ( If I spelled that last name correctly they should give me a prize, or money better) the movie of ” The good the bad and the ugly”, we all know that movie, I should add deception to the title now that I think of it, anyways going to eat something, you want Spanish Paella? There is a UPS van running around in town.

      2. You won´t pay since it is a present for you, but it is nice that you like our traditional food, and just curious, is there paella in the U.S?( just gessing where you are from)
        Anyways, the deal is sealed. You got your paella…… can´t you travel here? The best paella in the world in my town.

      3. Well thank you! And actually I am from Canada and not the US!
        I’ll take your word on that! When the world is a little less crazy, I’ll make sure to make note of that for when I travel 😉

      4. Canada is part of the U.S, they own you!!!! 😉
        Being a woman I´m sure you´ll remind it, guys we just say things and forget about it the next minute….. we are dummies
        So the Paella, I give you the word that will come. Although you would have to heat since it would be frozen when it gets to Canada.

  2. SMiLes my Friend truth
    Is At least A Substantial
    Part of the WordPress
    Crowd Reads Nothing
    They ‘Like’.. they only
    Do it like a Gambling
    Habit to get
    Someone to
    Press a Button
    Without Reading
    What They Wrote…
    Some Folks… A lot
    of Folks.. Visit Blogs
    To ‘Like’
    Every Single
    Comment Without
    Reading them just
    To get 1 Return
    Button Punch of A Like…
    Write For Yourself is a Do
    As a Substantial number
    Of Folks ‘Liking’
    Aren’t reading
    A Dam thing…
    But it’s like
    In School… They
    Are doing nothing
    To Evolve Their Soul…
    Hoping one Day to
    Continue to Sell
    Their Soul
    For Some
    Material Reward
    Like Fame And Fortune
    That is Nothing more
    Than A Deal
    Devil Within …
    10 of My Blog Posts
    Equal about 400,000
    Words.. Often Folks
    ‘Like’ 10 in 10 Seconds
    Having no clue
    i write more
    50 Words…
    Anyway.. i
    Actually Read
    Therefore i
    Actually Write🦈🌊

    1. That was a weird comment, nicely written though, great loooooo semi poetry pro poetry I´m pro everything, fuck out of here, didn´t have time to read shit, make a comment to the point big guy

      1. It’s True Most
        Folks don’t have
        ‘Time’ to do anything
        Of ‘Real Value’ in Life
        And Gamble
        Their Souls Away…
        This now is the
        It’s True.. This
        Puts me out of
        The Norm
        i Am Not Fit
        For this
        It is so
        To Be
        ‘These Days’..;)

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