What´s wrong with these idiots, I got it, you are a socialist fascist.
And now I have to guard myself from my little cirminal Maroccan(spelled that right?) friend.
Anyways I stay Frosty gents. But Jeeeeesus Christ, what are these thugs doing?
Video!!!!!!!!! Later I will get in a fight with my little criminal friend, MAROKKKKKY!
Marrocan? I spelled that right? Probably not so go and fuck those bitches.
Punk ass, calling me 3 times from not his cell phone since he is quite smart this one,
and have balls, I seen him fighting wit others, I know him but he does not know me, although he is dangerous
that is why I can kill this piece of shit if it comes to that point. No BS on that one.
What the hell is with this communist Antifa? (kind of a weird twisting resisting eminating… holy)

Basically trying to make a comparison with my situation with the criminals since it seems
I´m the only one to stand up against them and the Antifa Communist. Same, criminals.

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