Waiting waiting
For that Moroccan
He did call me 3 times in a day
For our dismay,
Fucking spent 4 hours in that park, at least there is water, a fountain,
waiting waiting…. he comes, finally since I was getting a bit bored,
no hits, me just drinking water and looking at his eyes, not scared,
maybe he was, just dealing with too many of these gets me bored, and violent if need be,
so what am I telling… have no clue, just came out. It is because I don´´t drink!!
(what a fucking title)


  1. Lol. What is going on m’loves? Do you mean racist against Moroccans and if so why? Glad you have water to drink, a fountain sounds lovely, by and by. 🎶💧👌😍

    1. What did you figure out of the post? The title.
      Catchy title if you ask me, that is why certain people comment, being you. Nothing against anybody, I do live in a small town full of those guys selling drugs and scaring the shit of Spanish law abiding citizens, so now I got a problem, tell my neghbour with 3 kids when they throw roks on his house. I don´t tolerate that, mother died a month ago, she did instill me some sense of who is right and who is not. It would be easier for me to look the other way, can´t do with criminals.
      Lol !!!!
      Fuck out of here bitch, and personal friend knowing me since a kid is Marroccoocdocooc, Marrocan, don´t give stupid lectures, being sarcastic you dummy, who are you? Think about what you have done for them and for you but, na, Lol laughing at you bitch. Thank you Lia. Have a great life, fuck out of here with your dummy shit, you don´t know what real life means punk

      1. Wow. I meant it the lol friendly-like… but message received loud and clear. Au revoir, and be well, Charly dear.

  2. Be Safe Dude it Doesn’t
    Matter How ‘Bad’ You
    Think You are With
    Mean Words in The
    World out of the
    Military With
    For Violent Actions
    If You are Looking
    For Trouble With
    Soulless Criminals
    No Matter Where
    They Are From
    Or what they
    Look Like Without
    Proper Authority
    Of Weapons You
    Are Gonna Find
    Your Self on
    The Dead
    End of
    A Knife…
    Don’t be giving
    Me no F Bombs
    Either as You
    Will NOT As
    They only
    Belong to
    You Surely
    Your Mother
    Would not be
    Happy about you
    Talking to a
    This Way
    Get it Straight Up
    Or Fall and Not Get
    Up i understand
    You are Troubled
    But Your Life

      1. Smiles Yes
        That’s My Point
        The Greatest
        Enough Self Esteem
        In Inner Strength
        Never to
        Person in
        Harm oh and
        The other thing
        Real Street Smarts
        Lives And Prospers
        Long Smiles
        i wouldn’t
        Give You
        If i
        Didn’t Want
        You To Find
        Heaven See
        You THere
        Soon With SMiLes..:)

      2. 🙂
        There goes a smile, out my man, gotta live in the real world, but keep on writing comments if you feel better, free…. universe, althouth I will still take all that muscle out of you in a second punk, love ya! You really have no clue who the fuck you are talking to, hey, love all about love

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