1. O shit, sorry I interpreted the last comment in the wrong way, I know you didn´t mean harm so to speek, but most important is …….. you have wrinkles!
      love ya

      1. I can tell you in private if you want my email, but not in public. By the way what I´m saying talk to the woman I with yesterday, Firday night!!! That was some truth though, what I´m saying is I like your writing, still give me your email?

      2. You seem like a nice woman, so I´ll go ahead
        love ya, just writing I don´t know, hey, what is with my problems? I have anger issues……
        Forgot, really forgot, had intersex uals with a lady last night and I have no clue why she liked me, apart from the sex I don´t ….. seems it´s only sex

      3. It is weird right? Just don´t listen to my dummy things. I do it on purpose, so don´t worry. Just laugh at the BS or not, every person with their own thing, still love ya though.

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