1. That´s good, are you sure you are not my other Indian friend with the last name Gandhi? I won´´t say her first name, but it seems the Ghandi “clan” is big

      1. Hahah nope! There are many of us Gandhi’s, just as I am sure that there are many Charly Priests in the world 🌸 Take a look at my pics and be assured, I am the only one on here 💫

      2. I probably lost my self also, don´t worry, probably I had taken some “vitamines” and said something stupid, it does happen from time to time. Sorry about it.

    1. Specialy if you piss me off, I do draw a line once the person steps over it with bad intent then that person is going down, or I might go down it happens can´t win all, but I did told the person this and that and never cross the line it will not be good for you nor for me. Just my way of thinking. Thanks to mother by the way. Great tough woman.

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