Medal of honour

Just a smart young man, the podcast is way too long for people to see it when
they have certain time in the day to focus on this kind of thing,
this corona….. I´m watching too much of these military podcasts.
Since I do follow this Navy Seal guy, it was interesting compared to his other podcast
how this young man turned the tables on him. Not in the bad way, the Navy Seal guy
mostly just talks and the person that is interviewed just responds, now you got
the interviewer (The Navy Seal) having a conversation with the Medal of Honour guy,
just a nice person this guy. I served, I have my morals, I also understand how the medal of honour guy
comes across hence the different way this tough Navy Seal treats him compared to other interviews.
Just watch, or read my comment, tried to put it as short as I was able to convey my thoughts
which are a lot but don´t matter. I do have a lot in common with this guy(the medal of honour)
but me and quite a lot of other people I served with, although I didn´t jump on top of a grenade
like this one, that was weird I ran out when grenades hit, not this guy, instict? crazy?
love? I believe it is instict to protect those you love in combat, quite weird for normal people.


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