I rarely get scared, to the point of not be able to function… never has happened actually.
I get scared like everybody, or maybe less than most of people, just wired that way,
Yet today,
I call my father to his cell phone, he lost his wife of over 50 years recently,
call him, no answer, call the line phone and no answer. It is a Saturday at 10 a.m
so he is normally awake by this time, just scary thing to think that after loosing my mother
now where the fuck is my father, he finally calls and tells me were he was.
Kind of funny his version that is.
Just a big relieve to hear he is alive basically, I was thinking the worst after he told me about his
physical problems, tough tough man this one. Not a cushy type of person, nor I want him to be, nor
I have any daddy issues, but at the end of the day he is the only family I have left. He tries his best
to deal with me ( probably mom told him this is who your son is so support him), normally our phone calls
“How you doing Charly?”
“O.k, I´ll pass you to your mother”
End of conversation and I think it´s normal, it is for me that is. He tries his best, but fucking christ,
this time me (now the roles are reveresed) checking on this guy and not be able to communicate with him
scared the shit out of me.
( Why don´t these wordpress people put a line mark or whatever you call it, I write it in “private” and
the lines seem to be o.k, when I publish it they are all messed up, but dad is fine, so lets get the wine)

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