The conversation

I know my father, because of my late mother.
Didn´t have the cushy mushy relationship with him,
nor I don´t want since I know his personality. I try as well he tries without mom.
Having a relationship.
Said some truths to the man, he got pissed, mother was good at putting
it in a way he wouldn´t get pissed. Yet when the time had come, you
as a person would not cross mothers line. She would say it as it is
and probably kick your ass. Same thing today with him, I´m not perfect obviously,
just take care father, basically is what I told him. He did get mad, but that´s o.k,
I know he loves me in his own way or whatever way it is for this man.
Holy shit, loosing my mother at my age of 37, and I have been through the ringer,
than most of you all to tell the truth, but mother was the rock.
Now adjusting to help him, and him help me.


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