I have a fake Facebook account

This proclaimed girlfriend of mine in my fathers Facebook just put a Facebook acount of me?
Seems so.
Does this person wakes up everyday thinking how to destroy not only me but others?
Seems so,
Well I don´t know if she realizes it, but there are legal consequences.
which she could care less obviously,
I could be a dummy, but I do surround myself with people that know,
and those people are no dummies.
Check it out, she also said I got her pregnant, go figure that one out, talk about crazy.
The Facebook account it seems it is called Charly Priest, check it out and tell me,
I´m not going in to that for sure, after her BS and just her destructive nature
not only against me but twoards others, and herself if she keeps up with her crazy,
I just keep the distance, although she is good at being a whore, can´t think of other names,
yet hopefully she realizes that there are consequences to her actions.
And no, she is not going to win her little battle.
Don´t make me get serious would be my suggestion.


    1. I am lonely and don´t go doing crazy things like that, she must be nutty or a mixture of nutty and A-hole. Must be the latter I would presume. But let her, she already tried once and I actually had to spend the weekend in jail for her false accusations, now with the corona people, some people I should say, have plenty of time in their hands and some use it productively and others in this case use it for hate which as having experience hatred towards other human beings (that was army days so it is not all that weird if you compare these two) it is not productive. Specially if you´re going to make me get serious. I acutally feel sorry for this bitch, she can come and come at me whatever way she wants, but come on, make something out of your life in a positive way instead of just bein a whore ( she does fuck for money) and then get me and try to destroy me, I actually feel sorry for her.

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