I´m with a friend….

Ring ring the phone…
“Hi father how are you?”
“Good and you?”
The father ” talk later I´m with a friend”
The son “O.K”
Click, end of conversation. Freaking sneaky this one, I think he is CIA or something,
still had that debate with mother when she was alive the past month, or maybe she was
in the CIA or the Spanish version, I just don´t ask since if I did I will get BS,
just freaking weird, great person he is for sure, but as mother said… he is who he is.
What a fucking conversation that one, like always really. Kind of funny if you ask me, kind of.

Read ya´ll later you alligator innovator.


  1. HAha quite true. Boys will be boys. A good take. As men get older they tend to distance themselves from their parents

    1. Actually is the contrary with my father, I was raised by mom, I didn´t do good choices in life except my military experience and for about 10 years didn´t talk to mom, because of my decision to join the Spanish Legion, so that was that, but the persone who came to “celebrate” my graduation if you will to use that word or americans call it basic training, dad was there and I didn´t even knew. So that was younger obviously, now geting older and him, we seem to have a pretty good bond. Probably mom said to this one, ” your kid is who he is so take care of him” I don´t need that BS, I can take care of myself but it is always good to see him function, I do actually believe in some cases and overall that the man actually loves me, as hard as he can.
      Fucking long comment this one, thank you Miss….. you are a Miss so no strings attached

  2. Hahah quite a rare and beautiful your story is. yes i am girl. HAhah chill its fine. have a great day

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